Tree felling in Randburg 

Trees are beautiful but every now and again, they do need maintenance and proper care.  All of which is provided by us!

Established in 2006, we have all the necessary equipment, insurance and experience. Having served thousands of satisfied customers, we take pride in our work and our results.

Services we provide

It is very important that tree felling is planned carefully and is only done by qualified professionals using the correct working techniques and the best, safest equipment with functioning safety features.

Proper tree maintenance is a key factor in keeping your home and surrounding environment safe and beautiful. Well maintained trees are also extremely beneficial in avoiding hazardous situations such as fires and disease.

Regular trimming and maintenance of trees include tasks such as thinning, pruning and shaping. Not only is this good for the trees health, it’s also beneficial for your surrounding environment and even the overall beauty of your home. Removing dead branches and damage from wind or winter kill is better for your tree and environment.

It’s extremely important to remove any decaying trees – not only are they unflattering, they are very hazardous to your health and property. Pests and insects feed on dead trees and they are a breeding ground for termites. Tree disease is often contagious to nearby trees too. The removal of dead and infected trees is important for your property and yourself. Avoid a bigger problem before it starts.

Our professionals take a scientific approach to the tree of concern, and will let you know if the tree needs uprooting or what steps to take. We also offer an instant lawn supply service to give you that beautiful, green garden of your dreams.

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Pro-Tree Felling in Randbourg is the place you want to contact because our reputation precedes our name.